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please check out the rest of my gallery and my Loki X Reader Fanfic! Shadows of a Chilled Romance and it's sequel Dark Icy Love. Thanks :D





Peter Pan by HiddnLeaf
Peter Pan
The director of the Theatre department held a contest for a t-shirt/ poster design. I thought I'd give it a try! :D

I never thought this would happen to me.
This feeling of dread inside
It weighed me down and let me cry.

My heart was screwed because of you 
I didn't know what to do with you still in my head
And no matter how much I tried, I couldn't get you out. 
No matter how much I tried, I couldn't win the war inside. 

My fight isn't done, my time isn't served.
This war still rages on.
My fight isn't done, my time isn't served.
Who know when this'll end?

All these clashing emotions were the death of me 
I hated you but I wanted you, 
You didn't deserve me but I didn't deserve you.
The things we shared were precious to me
But they were never or always meant to be. 

My fight isn't done, my time isn't served.
This war still rages on.
My fight isn't done, my time isn't served.
There is no end to this 
And maybe there'll never be!

I can't win this by myself
So please, help me please
Come back or go away

Who knew two words can change your life? 
Who knew they'd be the reason behind my pain?

Your presence was the best for me in the past but now it's the worst.
So here I stand, waving in shame
The white flag of my defeat. 
Finally giving up on the war inside 
And finally saying two words, 
The two words I've always wanted to say 
But the words I never thought I'd get say

So here I am, in a song
Saying what I've wanted to say.
Don't be mad, just be glad. 
I'll be gone and out of your way.

So here I am, once and for all.
Saying what I've wanted to say.
Here I am, taking so long,
Just to say: I'm sorry.

The War Inside
    A lot has happened to me this past year and I had many emotions crashing with each other inside me. I made this song from my poem ¨Conflicting Emotions¨. My emotions were like a rollercoaster, going up and down, looping around, in the dark and into light. I didn't know what to think most of the time, nor did I know what to do. 
    I also have a really big problem of letting go so the event that happened to me, well, lets just say I had trouble getting over it. In fact I still do, but thats aside the fact here. In a way, I'm finally, i think and I hope, letting go of this entire thing and this is how I did it. Through what I do best. Singing and music.
    So here's my song about what I've wanted to say. And thank god I was able to find the words.

...So, to my ex, if you see ths. All I say in my song is true. I've been wanting to say this to you somehow and here it is. 
Please, accept my apology and don't hate me anymore..please. I'm sorry, and once and for all, I'll forget you and be out of you way. All I ask for is forgiveness...
In the dark where I lay,
The ocean comes to bay. 

The quiet and soft waves cover my feet
With a foamy white sheet

The air is salty and dry,
And the waves continue to roll on by.
Everything is at peace
As I am with ease. 

I cannot imagine a world without a sea like this. 
Every dead bodies with a face of bliss. 
The Unexpected
There was a poem promt in Writing Club last year called ¨The Unexcepted¨.  We had to create and poem with ryhme along with an unexpected twist somewhere in there. I think mine was pretty good. haha xD

Anyway, you can interpret this any way you want cause I had no meaning to it but someone in the club interpreted it as heavan or something like that. 

    Danforth shouts and pushes Proctor to reveal names of those who collaborated with the Devil. Proctor keeps quiet and refuses to give names. When Proctor confesses, he refuses to let them hang it on the church door. Danforth interrogates Proctor as to why he cannot by asking if his written confession was a lie.

            Proctor slams his foot on the ground with power,“I have said many times, Danforth, it is my name, no-” he soon notices the scenery around him. Everyone stood as statues. Panicking, he rushes to Elizabeth while a man among the shadows emerged.

            “You do good John Proctor.” The man whispered eerily. He dressed in clothes like the men in Salem; although, he gave the look of not being from around there.

            “Who goes?!” Proctor whips around. “How do you know who I am? Do you be with the Devil or God? Is this what has been planned for me from my sins?” Proctor shook in fear; ready go on his knees for a prayer.

            “What? No, no no, I’m just a lonely traveler, nothing more.” The man steps towards Proctor as he flinches uncertainly. “I’m the Doctor, Doctor John Smith. I couldn’t help but notice the predicament you’re in right now.” The Doctor nods his head to Proctor’s confession.

            Ignoring the Doctor, John’s eyes widened. “Are you then a true witch? Have you come to bewitch this wicked town? Your tongue is not of this place, yet we speak the same words.”

            “No, I’m not a witch John. Didn’t you listen;I was just a lonely traveler. Trust me, I’ve had my encounters with witches, the Carrionites, they are not nice people.” The Doctor begins to reminisce. “I was with Martha then, we went to go see Love Labour’s Lost. It was brilliant. Anyway!” The Doctor clasps his hands together to focus. The entire time, Proctor looks to him with more confusion than fear. “The reason why I’ve come here is to help you make an important decision.

            Proctor looked at Rebecca Nurse then to Elizabeth, he clenched his teeth. “I need not help, Doctor Smith. I have made my choice. I will not allow Danforth to post my confession on the door of the church for the village to see. God has seen my name written on paper that is enough proof needed.” Proctor squeezed his hands into tight fists. "I have done my part in these trials. I did not give names; I am not with those who accuse others unjustly.

            “Yes but, you will not be seen as the same anymore. For the rest of your life, people will see you as a cheater, a bad Christian and the Devil’s man. People will be cursing you to hell until the day you die. You will no longer be the honest good man you were before. Could you live with that?”

            “Let them judge, shout and curse. My judgment day is upon me and I cannot stop it. My life rests in his hands.” Proctor points to Danforth.

            “You’re right John, either way you die. It’s just a matter of how, obviously it would be by hanging.” The Doctor rubs his neck gently with a pained expression on his face. “The question is how you want to see yourself. Do you want to know you lied about a confession you never even did and just didn’t want to let your confession hang from a door? Or do you want to go down as the honest man you know you are and keep true to your name?”

            Proctor looked at the Doctor with sorrowful eyes. With this presented before him, Proctor re-evaluated his choices. He knew that no matter what, he will not allow Danforth to post his confession. If pushed anymore, Proctor did not want to falsely accuse other people of Devil’s work. If he were to choose to lie, it would not bother Proctor so much; he might be able to live with that. The chances of living would be higher as well, maybe Proctor could repent for his sins.

            The Doctor gave Proctor a small smile. “You will know what to do John, I believe in you.” The Doctor started to retreat back into the shadows.

            Before leaving Proctor’s sight completely, Proctor asked with a slight jokingly voice, “If you claim not to be a witch, than explain what you’ve done to everyone and everything here.”

            The Doctor waved his hand in the air. Without looking back at Proctor, the Doctor responded, “Don’t worry about it! It’s just timey-wimey stuff you don’t understand.”

    With a slight smirk on his face, Proctor looked down at his confession. By the time he looked up, everything resumed as before the Doctor showed up. Danforth proceeded to yell at him. Resuming his anger, Proctor tears up his confession. 

The Crucible Meets Doctor Who
    In my sophomore English class, we had to do a project which involved making a character from the Crucible meet someone else from another show, story or book. Of course, the only thing i can see in my mind was FANFIIIICCCCC CROSSOVER! So as you can see I chose John Proctor and The 11th Doctor from Doctor Who.
    It was a lotta fun to do this! :D 
            Plus, I got an A on this hahahaaha

I don't own any other the characters, i only create the story. 


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Hello! Marj here, I'm a junior in High school and I love anything that has do to with music or arts.
I'm involved with both Theatre and Marching Band, I'm in the color guard. Let me say right now, it's a hectic but awesome life. ^^
I also love really cute things! I guess I can say I'm coming out of my tomboyish phase hahaha xD
On occasion I write and draw. However when I grow up, I wish to be a singer, maaaaybe an actress. But I absolutely love singing and hope to be a singer one day.

That's all for this bio, Marj out!

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