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please check out the rest of my gallery and my Loki X Reader Fanfic! Shadows of a Chilled Romance and it's sequel Dark Icy Love. Thanks :D



Guys, I think I'm in love ( ^ U^)<3 
My friend, he's just too adorable and I want to cuddle with him 5ever. 
I dressed up as Princess Peach today :D I'm going to upload a picture later, I just don't have time.
Let me tell you, it is SO difficult walking anywhere with a hoop skirt on. But it's so worth it. 

Well, that it for today! Happy Trick or treating! 


Peter Pan by HiddnLeaf
Peter Pan
The director of the Theatre department held a contest for a t-shirt/ poster design. I thought I'd give it a try! :D

I never thought this would happen to me.
This feeling of dread inside
It weighed me down and let me cry.

My heart was screwed because of you 
I didn't know what to do with you still in my head
And no matter how much I tried, I couldn't get you out. 
No matter how much I tried, I couldn't win the war inside. 

My fight isn't done, my time isn't served.
This war still rages on.
My fight isn't done, my time isn't served.
Who know when this'll end?

All these clashing emotions were the death of me 
I hated you but I wanted you, 
You didn't deserve me but I didn't deserve you.
The things we shared were precious to me
But they were never or always meant to be. 

My fight isn't done, my time isn't served.
This war still rages on.
My fight isn't done, my time isn't served.
There is no end to this 
And maybe there'll never be!

I can't win this by myself
So please, help me please
Come back or go away

Who knew two words can change your life? 
Who knew they'd be the reason behind my pain?

Your presence was the best for me in the past but now it's the worst.
So here I stand, waving in shame
The white flag of my defeat. 
Finally giving up on the war inside 
And finally saying two words, 
The two words I've always wanted to say 
But the words I never thought I'd get say

So here I am, in a song
Saying what I've wanted to say.
Don't be mad, just be glad. 
I'll be gone and out of your way.

So here I am, once and for all.
Saying what I've wanted to say.
Here I am, taking so long,
Just to say: I'm sorry.

The War Inside
    A lot has happened to me this past year and I had many emotions crashing with each other inside me. I made this song from my poem ¨Conflicting Emotions¨. My emotions were like a rollercoaster, going up and down, looping around, in the dark and into light. I didn't know what to think most of the time, nor did I know what to do. 
    I also have a really big problem of letting go so the event that happened to me, well, lets just say I had trouble getting over it. In fact I still do, but thats aside the fact here. In a way, I'm finally, i think and I hope, letting go of this entire thing and this is how I did it. Through what I do best. Singing and music.
    So here's my song about what I've wanted to say. And thank god I was able to find the words.

...So, to my ex, if you see ths. All I say in my song is true. I've been wanting to say this to you somehow and here it is. 
Please, accept my apology and don't hate me anymore..please. I'm sorry, and once and for all, I'll forget you and be out of you way. All I ask for is forgiveness...

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HiddnLeaf's Profile Picture
Marj Lucaro
Hello! Marj here, I'm a junior in High school and I love anything that has do to with music or arts.
I'm involved with both Theatre and Marching Band, I'm in the color guard. Let me say right now, it's a hectic but awesome life. ^^
I also love really cute things! I guess I can say I'm coming out of my tomboyish phase hahaha xD
On occasion I write and draw. However when I grow up, I wish to be a singer, maaaaybe an actress. But I absolutely love singing and hope to be a singer one day.

That's all for this bio, Marj out!

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